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Projeto Dissonante
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What is it?
I - To respect Human Rights
II - To be socially responsible
III - On Dissonant's part
Who belongs to the project?

What is it?

It's a simple idea. Do you want to broadcast? Don't wait any longer. Just go ahead and register a web radio account at Dissonant Project and exercise your right to communicate, speak and express yourself. Individuals, groups, communities and social organizations can use the internet as a space for free speech. There is no need of technical expertise. We ourselves are not experts. Open an account at the site and begin broadcasting.

Choose which option is best for you:

1) register a web radio account for organized groups at Dissonant Project or
2) enroll yourself at the Collective Radio

Use it well. Be free.

Dissonant staff


The first inspiration came from Radiolivre.org web radio server. In 2006 “Ralacoco” Radio program Underground Ways was heard on the web by more than 80 listeners and had an approximate average of 5 to 10 visitors per day. Afterwards Radiolivre.org server needed to be improved. Later the same year another member of “Ralacoco” traveled to a Free Speech Radio Meeting in Recife. The idea was to discuss how technology could be a strategy for social transformation through Communication. As a result people at the meeting decided to join efforts, making it possible to spread more web radio servers throughout universities. These two ideas/projects were joined to the activities of "Ralacoco" (a free speech radio at University of Brasilia). The initiative began stroking a somewhat more dissonant note to the point of becoming a project, a speech, a way of making libertarian communication.


In music, dissonance happens when the quality of the sounds seem unstable. It is not necessarily something unpleasant or annoying, since all music composed in a tonal basis incorporates a degree of dissonance. A dissonance is actually a tool that improves, supports and develops creativity. It is a noise that values harmony, the note that gives a color to the chords. Some music styles consider dissonance worthless and make all efforts to eliminate it. Others find it an attractive tonal aspect and thus seek to create tools to intensify its roughness. To be dissonant is to be out of sync and still build a melody.

Servers: Ada, Bill & Ted

At the beginning, in 2007, the Project had two faithful squires as servers: Bill S. Preston and Theodore Logan. In 2010, we had an improvement - through cultural and social mobilization support - when we have got a more "academic" computer named Ada Lovelace (Augusta Ada Byron King, Countess of Lovelace).

Thus, ada.dissonante.org is installed at "Ralacoco" radio studio in the Social Mobilization Chamber at University of Brasília. Today it is our main server.

On the other hand, bill.dissonante.org now works for experimentation purposes. Meanwhile ted.dissonante.org lies at the heart of several machines that have already been recycled at some point for testing, workshops and other experiences for online video broadcast .

When groups or people decide to use Dissonant Project structure, they accept the following responsibilities that comes with the freedom to express themselves:

Terms and Policy

I – To respect Human Rights

A) Respect always freedom of opinion, belief, faith and political, ethnic and religious diversity;

B) Promote cultural and regional diversity, without restricting any kind of expression that do not violate Human Rights;

C) Never disseminate offensive content, such as homophobic, sexist, racist or discriminatory remarks of any species;

D) Promote communication as a right of all people.

II – To be socially responsible

A) Recognize internet as a public space in which one should avoid insults and disrespectful practices (vilification, slander, defamation, etc.).

B) Be responsible for your acts, in accordance with item I;

C) Have in mind that you are responsible for what you say;

D) Since Dissonant Project is self-managed, you can let us know if there is some inconsistency with our Terms and Policy and the web radio transmissions.

E) To report any abuse, please contact us by email dissonante@dissonante.org and, in the future, by the Ombudsman forum;

F) Remember that there are many people listening to your program and you radio may be notified if there is a failure to comply to our Terms and Policy.

III – On Dissonant's part

A) We are not responsible for the breach of the items above and encourages collective action among individuals and groups to filter and exclude possible disregard to this mutual agreement. If there are any problem, send an email to dissonante@dissonante.org.

B) Dissonant Project servers should be used for the promotion of free communication. Therefore, the participants radios should not aim commercial purposes and / or profit. If this happens, the account will be disabled and possibly expired;

C) The Project values ​​diversity and Human Rights and therefore the radio accounts can not be used for profit or for institutions whose content exclusively disseminates one religion.

Who belongs to the project?

Dissonant Project came into existence from Leyberson Pedrosa and Pedro Aracanjo's graduation project. They have majored in Journalism - Social Communication at the University of Brasilia (UnB). Their advisor was Prof. Dr. Murilo Cesar Ramos and the co-advisor was Prof. Dr. Fernando Oliveira Paulino. The project is part of Community Communication Program from the Communication Department  and is therefore classified as an institutional initiative. The daily activities from Dissonant is run by a collective that collaboratively and voluntarily acts to make sure the Project will never came to an end .

Volunteer contributors:
Angélica Elisa, Elis Tanajura, Fernando O. Paulino, Juliana Mendes, Lehilton Pedrosa, Leyberson Pedrosa, Paulo Victor Chagas, Pedro Arcanjo, Thiago Vilela.

Scholarship holders:
Débora Damasceno, Milena Andrade, Lucas Mazzola e Matheus Dutra.

Community Communication Program, Ralacoco Radio, Radiotube and Utopia FM Community Radio.  


We appreciate everyone who helped us. Collectively we made it. Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. And when we're not here, Dissonant Project is free to continue strong and autonomous with new dissonant groups and people.

Pedro Arcanjo e Leyberson Pedrosa